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With legalization spreading rapidly across the nation, the cannabis industry is only just beginning to thrive. Cannabis accounting is a complex space, therefore companies must adapt their financial practices to keep up with an increasingly competitive landscape and ultimately stay in business. Those who fail to remain in compliance with strict state and federal regulations will find themselves at risk of steep penalties or even shutdown, potentially costing investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are here to help you remain in compliance, and stay on top of the changing guidelines and requirements for business owners.

Cannabis is one of the most tightly regulated industries in the country, and therefore companies must take extra care to be ready for an audit at any moment. Within an ever-changing market that is evolving at a lightning-fast pace, you must dedicate yourself to continuous education—not just when it comes to accounting and tax, but also operations, software, cash issues, banking and so on. We work the owners directly to ensure controls are in place. Here is what we offer:

What We Provide

  • Business entity set up review. 

  • Cash Management

  • Inventory Management System

  • Contract Management

  • Do's and Dont's of Cannabis Cost of Goods sold 

  • Cannabis Cost Accounting and tools to optimize profitability 

  • Financial reporting for investors

  • Tax Strategies for Cannabis Companies

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