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About Us

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The Lady CFO was formed with a single principle in mind: To provide the highest level of personalized client service possible. Our focus is Fractional CFO Services, Controller services, Audits Services, and financial services. As consultants, our focus is on becoming a part of your team to oversee all financial matters of your organization. Whether we oversee your internal staff or you need to use our back-office support we have it covered.  We are a team of women CPA's with over 17 years of public and corporate accounting experience. 


Because of the relationships, we are able to build over time, we care about each of our clients, and will go the extra mile to handle your interests with integrity, responsiveness, and accuracy. Financial matters are a sensitive area so just as you would trust your doctor and your lawyer, you must also trust that your accountant has your best interest in mind. 


Our team of professionals takes the highly personal approach to ensure that our client's information is safe and secure, we have acquired a special understanding of each client’s needs that can result only from a long, personal acquaintanceship.


Give us a call any time to discuss your accounting needs. Our firm is completely virtual servicing clients all over the United States. 

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